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before and after of sun damaged skin

What are the Signs of Sun Damaged Skin?

sun damage face

Most people love Summer and the feeling of the warm sun on their skin. Summer is also the time when we love to be outdoors, whether it be swimming at the beach, playing sport or socialising with friends. Unfortunately, too much sun exposure can also significantly damage our skin. Aside from the increased risk of skin cancer, exposure to the sun can result in; sun spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, dryness and freckles.

With time, this damage builds up and you see changes to your skin, which can make you look years older than you naturally would. The medical term for this change in appearance is “photo-ageing” or “prematurely aged skin.”

Signs of Sun Damage

Did you know up to 80% of visible aging is caused by UV rays and not from aging itself! Visible signs of sun damage include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Hyperpgimentation/Uneven Skin Tone
  • Freckles
  • Dry skin
  • Brown Spots
  • Loss off Elasticity/Loose Skin
  • Spider Veins

How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin

Thankfully there are some excellent treatments available to rejuvenate your sun damaged skin, including microneedling, nano-needling, microdermabrasion and light therapy.

  • For microneedling, try the Ultima X5 Professional. Microneedling stimulates the production collagen and elastin which heals and improves your skin texture
  • For nano-needling, try the DermaHeal A7. Nano-needling significantly improves the absorption of serum ingredients, this means you’re getting the most out of your skincare products which help with pigmentation, dryness and other skin concerns
  • Through regular use, light therapy from these specialised LED masks will target a range of skin concerns depending on which colour you use. The red light promotes healing and collagen production and smooths the skin’s texture. Green is also for anti-ageing.
  • Use vitamin C serum. Popular for brightening the skin and repairing sun damage, vitamin C can help with hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone and fading freckles

Prevention is Key

Protecting your skin from the sun is easily the best way to avoid photo-aging and premature ageing. This means wearing sunscreen daily, even when it’s cloudy outside. For great tips on how to apply sunscreen properly.

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