Bio Pen Q2 By Dr. Pen 3-in-1 Microneedling Pen With LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent


Bio Pen Q2 By Dr. Pen 3-in-1 Microneedling Pen With LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent $319.00
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Introducing the NEW Bio Pen Q2 Microneedling Pen, an advanced microneedling pen that seamlessly combines three powerful beauty technologies: Microneedling, EMS Electroporation, and LED light therapy.

Designed with the thought of bringing the best microneedling pen for beauty enthusiasts, this powerful device offers triple-effect skin rejuvenation for unparalleled results like never before.

The Bio Pen Q2 Microneedling Pen is both powerful and versatile, as it can give a range of benefits, such as anti-ageing, skin firming, and scarring reduction, all in with a single microneedling tool.

Key Benefits From Using The Bio Pen Q2

  • Improved Skin Texture: Microneedling technology refines skin texture, promoting a smoother and more even complexion.
  • Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Stimulating collagen production, the device helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines, restoring youthful radiance.
  • Enhanced Firmness: EMS Electroporation strengthens skin elasticity, providing a firmer and lifted appearance.
  • Minimized Pore Size: By promoting skin regeneration, the device reduces pore size, giving your skin a refined and polished look.
  • Reduced Inflammation: LED therapy reduces redness and inflammation, making it ideal for sensitive or irritated skin.
  • Accelerated Healing: LED therapy promotes faster healing of wounds, acne scars, and blemishes, contributing to a clearer complexion.

Key Features of The Bio Pen Q2

Triple-Effect Rejuvenation: The Bio Pen Q2 harnesses the power of Microneedling, EMS Electroporation, and LED therapy to provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation, targeting multiple concerns simultaneously.

Dr. Pen Leading Microneedling Technology: With fine needle material, microneedling stimulates collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars.

3-Levels EMS Electroporation: Featuring 25 Pole Pulse EMS microcurrent, this device delivers stable and average energy, stimulating cells in a three-dimensional manner. The ingenious arrangement of positive and negative poles creates a dense microcurrent energy field, enhancing skin texture and firmness.

Red and Blue LED Light Therapy: Integrating LED light therapy, the Bio Pen Q2 utilises specific wavelengths of light to address various skin issues. From reducing inflammation and redness to promoting skin regeneration, LED therapy enhances the overall health and appearance of your skin.

User-Friendly Design: Equipped with an induction base, the Bio Pen Q2 automatically stops functioning when placed on the base and seamlessly restarts when lifted, ensuring safety and convenience during use.

More reasons to love the Bio Pen Q2 microneedling pen…

  • 0-1.5mm needle adjustment range
  • 5 adjustable speed levels (16,000 rpm)
  • Easy reference smart touch screen LED indicator and control
  • Flashing display indicator to notify the battery is running low
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Safe, effective, cost-efficient and non-invasive treatment
  • No permanent damage or injury
  • Almost all skin types can be treated
  • Thickens the dermis without damaging
  • 1-year warranty provided

The Bio Pen Q2 Needle Cartridge Options

The Bio Pen Q2 Microneedling Pen is supported by 9-pin, 14-pin, and 25-pin cartridge options.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Bio Pen Q2 Microneedling Pen
  • 1 x Bio Pen Q2 Inductive Base
  • 2 x 25-pin Cartridges
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Charging Adaptor
  • 1 x User Manual

The Bio Pen Q2 Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (Pen): 172mm x 32mm
  • Product Dimensions (Base): 130mm x 52mm
  • Net Weight (Pen): 625g
  • Battery Capacity: 700 mAh
  • Input voltage: 100-240 V
  • Output voltage: 5V – 1000 mA
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Battery life: 3-4 hours/one charge
  • EMS Microcurrent: 3 levels
  • EMS Frequency: 0.5-0.7 Hz
  • LED Light: Blue Light (470nm) Red Light (630nm)

Important: Microneedling cartridges must be sterilised before each use to ensure the treatment is safe and hygienic. It is essential to follow these steps carefully to ensure that the microneedling cartridges are properly sterilised. Here are the steps to sterilise microneedling cartridges:

  1. First, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment for sanitation: gloves, isopropyl alcohol solution (70% or above) and a clean container to hold the solution.
  2. Put on your gloves to avoid contaminating the cartridges during the sterilisation process.
  3. Check on your cartridge; ensure the needles are in perfect condition (i.e. not bending) and remove any debris.
  4. Pour enough alcohol solution into the container and dip the cartridge needle into a sterilisation container, then soak for a couple of minutes.
  5. If you have alcohol solution in a spray model, you can spray it towards the needle head of the cartridge.
  6. Once the sterilisation is complete, allow the cartridge to air dry before using it.
  7. Finally, your cartridge is ready for use.

How to Use The Bio Pen Q2

  1. To ensure there is no cross-contamination, cartridges must be sterilised before treatment.
  2. Double-cleanse (cleanse and repeat), then wipe the skin clean. Fully tie back your hair away from your face.
  3. Work in small areas and apply Femvy Hyaluronic Acid serum to each area before needling. This will help to ensure that the pen does not drag or pull on the skin.
  4. The recommended pattern to move the pen for best results is vertical, horizontal, and then diagonal in both directions. Using light pressure and without dragging, repeat this motion over each area two times.
  5. Safely dispose of cartridges after every use.

Usage Recommendation: Use the device 1 time every 4-6 weeks. Results may differ for each person; the average initial result can be seen in the first 2 sessions.


  • On open wounds.
  • On acne or irritated skin.
  • If irritation occurs.
  • One cartridge more than once.
  • Usage frequency


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