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Dr. Pen Microneedling Instruction Guide

Microneedling Instruction Guide for Dr Pen Australia Customers

This is the protocol we recommend you follow when you micro needle to ensure you have a safe, comfortable experience. Before we dive into the pre, during, and post-needling instructions, we want to remind you that microneedling can only be performed once every 4 to 6 weeks.


Please avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication, drinking alcohol, or taking fish oil tablets for the three days before your microneedling treatment, as this will help minimize bleeding.

You Will Need:

  • Dr. Pen microneedling device of choice
  • A clean towel
  • A brand new microneedling cartridge
  • Alcohol solution for sanitizing
  • Cotton pads
  • Serum, hyaluronic acid is recommended
  • Optional – surgical gloves
  • Optional – numbing cream

1. Tie your hair back and keep it away from your face. Cleanse your skin twice with your cleanser of choice to remove all traces of makeup and lotions. Any dirt, oil, or stray hairs that touch your face can increase the risk of irritation or infection

2. Optional: apply your numbing cream. Numbing cream can be purchased over the counter from your local drugstore. We recommend using numbing creams that have at least 5% Lidocaine.

Apply approximately half of the tube to the area where you will be microneedling and leave it on the skin for 20 – 30 minutes. Then, you need to remove the cream and cleanse again thoroughly. Use 60% alcohol mixed with purified water or 0.1 chlorhexidine to wipe off any remaining numbing cream. Removing the numbing cream ensures it won’t enter the microchannels you create during your treatment.

3. Ensure the device is fully charged or you’re near a power source.

4. Prepare the area, sterilize the pen, the surface you are using, and keep alcohol close by. If you touch a serum bottle, brush, or anything other than your skin and the device during the treatment, you could be causing cross-contamination.

We find it’s easier to pour some serum into a bowl and apply it with a brush during the treatment to make it easier and stay hygienic.


    5. Apply the hyaluronic acid serum to the area to lubricate the skin. The serum helps the needles to glide over the skin and prevent the pen from dragging.

    We do not recommend Vitamin C, retinol, exfoliants, or other brightening ingredients be used during the treatment as they can cause irritation and reaction.

    6. Ensure your hands are clean; you may wear gloves if you feel safer doing so. Open a new cartridge and attach it to your device. Do not touch the tip of the needles.

    7. Choose your desired needle depth by rotating the dial on your pen, click here to see our depth chart.

    8. Now, working in small areas, apply the serum to the skin just before needling. The recommended pattern to move the pen is vertical, horizontal, then diagonal in both directions.

    We recommend working in a grid, so you know exactly where you have and haven’t passed over with the pen. Use light pressure, and use your free hand to hold the skin taut.

    9. When needling areas of the body (such as the legs or hands), avoid needling over the bony parts (especially on the legs). Ensure only to use 36-42 pin cartridges for microneedling the body. Regarding needle depth, we recommend using 0.5mm for legs and up to 1.5mm for fattier areas.


    • If you wish to wash your face after, use tepid water. Immediately apply hyaluronic acid to the area to provide hydration and calm the skin.

    • It’s perfectly normal to experience redness, swelling, and pinpoint bleeding after your microneedling treatment. This is nothing to worry about as this reaction is normal.
    • Avoid working out/sweating or applying makeup for 24 hours. If going outside you must apply a high protection sunscreen.
    • Don’t sweat or apply makeup for 24 hours. If you are going outside, you must apply a high protection sunscreen. If you have to wear makeup, use a makeup product that is specifically designed for sensitive skin or for post-treatment use to avoid irritation. 


    24 Hours After Microneedling:

    You can wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use a nourishing moisturizer. Avoid products that contain fragrance, active ingredients (vitamin C, vitamin a, retinol), acids (AHA, BHA, lactic), physical scrubs, and toners that may irritate the skin.

    At this stage, you may experience some mild swelling, peeling, bruising, and flaking. To minimize these effects, keep the skin moisturized. Moisturizing will also reduce shedding and alleviate the feeling of tightness.

    Avoid exercising, excessively sweating, swimming, or applying makeup for 24 hours. You must use a high protection sunscreen when going outdoors and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

    48 Hours After Microneedling:

    Optional: If you have dry and flaking skin, you can gently exfoliate to speed up recovery. Do not use a chemical or harsh physical exfoliant; opt for a washcloth.

    And if your skin feels sensitive, do not exfoliate yet; it will subside soon. Continue to hydrate the skin twice per day.

    3-5 Days After Microneedling:

    Apply high protection sunscreen daily, avoid direct and extended sunlight. Focus on hydrating and moisturizing products and avoiding active ingredients, scrubs, acids, and toners.

    7+ Day After Microneedling: 

    Return to your regular skincare routine!