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Dr Pen Ultima A6S Professional Plus Microneedling Pen

Introducing the Dr Pen Ultima A6S Professional Plus

The all new Dr Pen Ultima A6S Professional Plus Microneedling Pen sets a new benchmark in home micro needling that delivers the most advanced and innovative home microneedling technology to allow you to experience salon-quality results at home.

woman looking closely at her skin in the mirror

Fade Your Acne Scars & Reveal Smooth, Bright Skin with the Dr. Pen M8

Acne scars like many other scars, can fade with time – but what if you’d like to speed up the process, feel more confident and reveal smoother, more even looking skin? Enter the Dr. Pen M8, an advanced microneedling pen that can dramatically help with the treatment of acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars and more.

woman holding her dr pen microneelding pen whilst looking into the mirror

What is the Difference Between Nano-Needling and Microneedling?

Nano-needling stimulates collagen production in the skin by safely infusing active ingredients from your serum through tiny nano-channels. This is very similar, but less invasive than microneedling and allows up to 97% product absorption. This treatment combats fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, and other skin blemishes through the transdermal delivery system for increased effectiveness of serums.