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Dr. Pen Cartridge Comparison

This table helps you understand which size Dr. Pen cartridges are best suited to you and your skin concerns. Please note, this is a general guide only; we hope it helps you to make an informed decision about the best cartridge for you. 

Generally, nanoneedles are best for increasing product absorption. Cartridges with 11-16 pins are best suited for targeted applications. Size 36-42 pins are best for larger surface areas and more sensitive skin.

Our cartridges have been rigorously tested and adhere to strict safety and quality standards. Rest assured that whichever Dr. Pen microneedling device and cartridge you choose, you’re getting a premium, high-quality device. 

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out –  our in-house skincare consultant and our friendly customer service team would be happy to help! 

 Nano11-16 pins36-42 pins
Used for…
Increased product absorptioncheck
Fine linescheckcheck
Deep wrinklescheck
Loose skincheck
Acne scarscheckcheck
Deep scars/burn scarscheck
Stretch markscheck