16 Pin Replacement Cartridges for M8 (10 Pack)


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10 pack of 16-Pin needle Dr. Pen cartridges compatible with the Dr. Pen M8 only. 

The 16 pin cartridges are unique to the M8 and A6S Ultima Models, and they are better suited to targeting smaller areas. The needles are made from titanium and high-quality surgical steel to ensure a safe treatment. 

This cartridge has the finest needle gauge, at 0.18mm in thickness, for precise skin application. 

Each cartridge comes in a sterile pack. 

Cartridges are single-use only. This helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures that needles are at their sharpest. Dull needles could cause damage to the skin.


How does microneedling with Dr. Pen work?

The needles create tiny microchannels on the surface of the skin. These tiny micro-channels stimulate the skin’s healing response and increase the production of collagen and elastin.

Having more collagen and elastin causes the skin to become firmer, reduces scars gradually, and smooths out wrinkles over time. Dr. Pen microneedling pens can be used multi-directionally so that the microneedling treatments can be performed on any area of the face, neck, neckline, stomach, thighs, or buttocks.

How to Use: 

Important: Microneedling cartridges must be sterilized before each use to ensure the treatment is safe and hygienic. It is essential to follow these steps carefully to ensure that the microneedling cartridges are properly sterilized. Here are the steps to sterilize microneedling cartridges:

  1. First, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment for sterilization; gloves, isopropyl alcohol solution (70% or above) and a clean container to hold the solution.
  2. Put on your gloves to avoid contaminating the cartridges during the sterilization process.
  3. Check on your cartridge; ensure the needles are in perfect condition (i.e. not bending) and remove any debris.
  4. Pour enough alcohol solution into the container and dip the cartridge needle into a sterilization container, then soak for a couple of minutes.
  5. If you have alcohol solution in a spray model, you can spray it towards the needle head of the cartridge.
  6. Once the sterilization is complete, allow the cartridge to air dry before using it.
  7. Finally, your cartridge is ready for use.

Please refer to our instruction guide for a complete guide.

What’s In the Box:
10 x 16 needle cartridges for the Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen


  • On broken skin or open wounds

  • On active acne or irritated skin

  • Please refer to our instruction guide for the full list of contraindications 
  • 16-pin cartridges are not suitable for hair loss application


Please speak with your doctor before purchasing any Dr. Pen products. The content on this site is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. The products may have additional information and instructions on or inside the packaging that you should carefully read and follow. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. This product may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. For any concerns or questions, please contact your GP or dermatologist.

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  • Olga Eremenko

    16 Pin Replacement Cartridges for M8 PowerDerm 10X

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  • Rahaf meriee

    16 pin

    i love it , i love all dr pen products

    Read more
  • Sue Hall

    16 pin cartridges

    Easy to order, delivered quickly and product exactly as described. Great service.

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  • Bev

    Great Product

    Great Product which arrived in the mail in no time. Cost effective- saves me a lot of bucks from going into the clinic and can do it from the convenience of my own home. Very happy and will definitely be ordering from Dr. Pen again.

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  • Frances

    16 pin cartridge for M8

    I love these cartridges for micro needling use on my face, neck, décolletage and hands. Normally I go 0.5 and this has reduced many signs of aging for me. Great with The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. I reuse them twice before discarding being sure to disinfect upon opening the packet but also in between treatments. Natural Kaos on YouTube has been amazing to watch and learn from as well as Penn Smith also on YouTube. Do not regret going solo!

    Read more
  • Simone Andersen


    So far i am happy after my first ever needling and not much experience as yet, i went easy and used a 6speed with .25 depth. Day 1 my skin felt tight and was red and sensitive, Day 2 skin was still red but not as tight and in some spot dry/scaly looking but plump, Day 3 (today) and i have flakey of the chin become visable 🙂

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  • Amanda S

    M8 cartridges

    Awesome pen, I’m new to micro needling and I’m enjoying the results so far! ( 2 times so far) Amazingly fast shipping and can only say that customer service/ questions were answered quickly.
    The cartridges were on back order although didn’t take long at all.
    Now just waiting on my vitamin c serum to arrive 🙌🏻
    Would highly recommend dr pen Australia 😊

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  • Kirsty Tinker

    Loved it

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  • Sara


    I love the M8 Pen! I’ve done two nano needling infusions with Vitamin C and Hyralonic acid, one week apart and my skin is looking and feeling fantastic! I definitely recommend having a look at Dr Pens how to video’s and Penn Smith’s videos on YouTube before starting. This device is a game changer!

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  • Katie


    I used to get skinnneedling done on a monthly basis. But with lockdown I’ve not been able to continue my appointments. So having this accessible at home is a lifesaver. I’m going to continue to do it monthly to keep my skin in tip top condition. I have also purchased numbing cream, alcohol wipes and vitamin C serum. M8 works a treat and I love that the needles are one use only so I don’t have to worry about sterilising the needles. Great product

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  • Linda Bond

    My first dermapen

    After getting dermapen treatments at the skin clinic, this is the first time I have used my own dermapen. I was impressed at how little pain there was with the finer needles, compared to the clinic treatments. Also there was little downtime before the inflammation settled and my skin looked and felt normal. Time will tell regarding the quality of the pen, but independent reviewers were praising the pens quality and power, which is why I chose to buy this more expensive model. The cost of the pen however is significantly less than what I would spend on one skin clinic dermapen session in NZ.

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  • Maryam Bayat

    I love my new pen

    Great product and top notch customer service.
    Highly recommend.
    Thank you dr pen

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