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Dr. Pen M8

Dr. Pen M8 Reviews

  • Louis

    Power Button Doesn’t Work/ No Response From Service

    The power button on this unit has been faulty from day 1. Sometimes it will turn on, other times it won’t. Sometimes it won’t turn off. Very frustrating that this problem exists and that there is no response whatsoever to repeated support inquiries.

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  • Debbie Hope


    Luv the nano needles great for infusing products!!!!

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  • Debbie Hope


    Luv this Dr Pen!!! I could see a difference after the first needling with 16 pins and I’m 70 years old!!! I also luv the nano pins the absolute best thing I’ve ever purchased for my skin! Thank You Dr Pen!!!

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  • patti woomer

    One came in an open box ? Hopi g to get a replacebent , I trued to send a pic of the box you you

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