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  • Valerie Brooks


    Sadly my order has arrived incorrect, did not receive the 36 pin cartridges, I was sent all 12 pin. They have responded quickly to my email, so that is good.

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  • Elizabeth Dickerson

    These are amazing- if you know how to use them

    These are great if you use your pen at the high enough speed and in the right areas. These aren’t for the same areas or the same reasons the 16pin are used for

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  • judith vazquez

    Dr.Pen 12 and 36 pin cartridges.

    I have not tried the 36 pin cartridge because i will be using it for bigger areas like stomach,thighs etc.I did use the 12 pin cartridge and I love it.20mins of numbing with my zensa and my clients actually fell asleep while I was treating them.The needles are nice and thin and their skin looks amazing.

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  • Michelle Browne

    12 Pin Cartridges for A1-W (10 Pack)

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