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Dr. Pen A6S

Dr. Pen A6S Reviews

  • Luisa

    Worth every penny

    I bought Dr. Pen Ultima A6S on the recommendation of Women’s Concepts and since then I’ve been using it constantly. The results are amazing, I can see fewer visible scars and a much smoother feeling on my skin.

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  • PJW


    I have been using a derma roller and a stamping device for the past few years. I have been wanting to take it one step further and after much research ordered the Dr.Pen Ultima A6S…

    Fabulous investment!! The pen is easy to use and the results are amazing. I just placed an order for a pack of the Nano cartridges so I can nano needle in between my micro needling session!!!

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  • Goda Mazelyte

    16 Pin Cartridges for A6S Ultima x 10

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  • Pen user

    on the learning curve

    I have used my A6S only once and had trouble keeping pressure equal on all sides of the cartridge. I am going to slow it down to 1 setting until I feel more confident in what I am doing.. Overall the pen works great and batteries came charged so able to us w/o plugging into the wall.

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